Burt Jackson

Burt Jackson Portrait

Project Delivery Director

With over 25 years of experience in architecture, construction, and real estate development, Mr. Jackson brings a wealth of expertise to every project he undertakes. He has a proven track record of successfully completing numerous new construction and major renovation projects, both nationally and in the Washington DC Metro area. Mr. Jackson’s background is diverse, encompassing project management, financial oversight, construction contract administration, architectural design, and active involvement in LEED, WELL, and Net Zero projects.

In his capacity as Kramer’s Project Delivery Director, Mr. Jackson plays a crucial role in developing the technical staff and defining and implementing the organization’s direction. His strong communication, leadership abilities, and unwavering dedication to client service have earned him a well-deserved reputation as a respected representative for project owners. Mr. Jackson ensures that their goals are met with the highest levels of integrity and efficiency.

With an impressive track record and a commitment to excellence, Mr. Jackson is a valuable asset to any team, and his contributions are instrumental in achieving successful project outcomes.